Two-Time Finalist IAMA Awards (International Acoustic Music Awards) * Billboard Song Finalist *  John Lennon Songwriting Finalist  * Cum Laude Graduate Berklee College of Music * Placement on AMA Charts, USA *  Indienation Charts  * Reverbnation Charts *

"An artist to watch out for." IAMA

Anouschka is an acoustic-style singer songwriter. She has 5 independent releases, international performances, worldwide airplay, #1 chart positions and honors in the most competitive international songwriting contests.

Master of Versatility
Her "uninimitable stamp"  (Jon Aldridge, hit songwriter) and craftsmanship come from hard work, but she makes it look effortless. Leading Swedish music critic Rune Häger says she "fills every song with intrigue"
Her compositions show a clear understanding of styles -jazz, blues, pop, rock, folk and latin- combined with poetic, evocative lyrics. Home of Rock, Germany calls her "a master of versatility" and compares her to Norah Jones, Shania Twain and Joan Osbourne.  

Defying Norms
Anouschka grew up as a global child moving between USA, Europe and Asia.  She sang to herself and taught herself guitar since she was often lonely as the new kid on the block. Her upbringing gave her a unique freedom to  think outside-the box as an artist.  She began fusing influences as a student at Berklee College of Music where she graduated with distinction in 1996. Before attending Berklee College, she was breaking ground as lead singer in the all-girl rock band Svårta Änkan in Sweden and later as actress/musician in the comedy improv group Adhoc in New York. 

From Nashville to Nairobi   
Anouschka has performed in Sweden, Germany, France, South Africa, Kenya, Los Angeles, Boston, New York, Nashville. She visited Kenya to perform her song "Dying to Be Free" for the Global March of Lions in 2014. Bored with western genre formulas and eager to bridge music and cultures, she recorded  new songs with an East African flavour there.   21st Century Artists, Hollywood, USA calls her afro-Americana  album  Shine (Angaza)  "an impressive range from folk to pop to country with a hint of reggae".  

Additional facts: Actress, Reporter, Humanitarian and Dancer

Anouschka has acted in theatre in Sweden. Germany and USA, and done TV ads in Denmark and Sweden. She worked as music correspondent for the "Life in Berlin " series for NPR for 5 years. She is engaged in wildlife projects, and education for children in Kenya. In 2014 she began urban dance at a later age than most.  Star choreographer Shaun Evaristo called her an  inspiration after seeing her dance in 2015. Anouschka continues to inspire by challenging assumptions, promoting freedom for all species, kindness and hope.

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